Reaching the Roots is a world music orchestra mixing together different folk traditions from all over the world. Their sounds are mainly inspired by classical Indian tradition, Mongolian tuvans, the Sufis from Iran and Afghanistan, Indonesian tribes but also hints of nordic folk tradition can be noticed.


They combine all these sounds with a contemporary touch and play concerts, created in and for the moment, so that real communication and transformation can happen between the listeners and the musicians.


Besides giving concerts, Reaching the Roots often mix different art forms and collaborate with different artists such as dancers, painters and meditating gatherings.


Reaching the Roots is:


Vishesh Kalimero (India) on various string instruments from the Orient and Mongolian throat singing.

Rahul Sharma (India) on tabla, Indonesian harp and voice

Agné (Lithuania) on shakuhachi, accordion and voice

Elisabeth Dichmann (Denmark) on violin and voice